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Peter is schooled as a mechanical engineer. Quit that and is now interested in renewable energy
phd university of Flensburg
idea: set up research program in renewable energy and op
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More value has to be added
finance has the most influence in the world today. there is little value added there
rural skills are more sustainable, thinks P. 
Goal has be be to have enough food and house and entertainment
What are killer apps for dependent regions?
(I didn't get the answer)
Diffusion of Innovation model (, also reference to "Crossing the Chasm" (
If there is a need, there will be participation and funding.
It is also important to look at where other projects fail.
maybe Fablabs can be a motor for development aid that actually solves the problems people have. Just giving money turned out to be unproductive, even making things worse: Dambisa Moyo: Dead Aid (, for a summary see
What can we do?
-document work/ share knowlegde
-find the people who need the skills or knowledge you have at your lab
-meet live at conferences
How can you do it? Find motivation & innovators!
 - not only internet knowledge you need to have it fostered by people!
  (like a conference call app needs a conference)
motivation to play?! 
Back to the killer apps:
  • Solar cells built in Fablabs (?)
  • Chakhra
every area needs its own killer app.
There are good technologies out there that are working, but some are patented!
Sonja has researched why projects fail.
Looked at how fablabs can help. 
fablabs can make people independant from financial aid, step by step, by allowing them to solve their own problems and use the technology to set up small businesses.
Vivian works with people in Congo that live in the woods. They could produce anything they need, but there is not infrastructure, so sometimes there is nothing to eat while somewhere else there is a large surplus.
The governement is not interrested in solving this. How can we help?
energy is one of the biggest problems. Storage of energy is needed. There is lack of everything.
They need the education to fit their needs. 
according to Vivian there is a lack of
health service (food storage, through the year, commercialize it?!)
education, heating, cooling, storage, clean water, food, electricity, communication, mobility
Question? has the knowledge of storing food always been missing? How did people use to store their food?
They didn't because there always used to be enough. now, with climate change and war, that is no longer the case. Also the introduction of cash has changed the way people trade things.
Corruption is one of the biggest problems, everyone is always taking care of himself only, and affraid that someone will take what they have. That is why Vivian wants to focus on rural areas, because they live in a different way and want to learn. 
P: make it bottom up, no fighting big structures.
In the process of finding partners.
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Tips regarding Africa

* Africa in the picture - See the April 2012 issue of the Newsletter of the International Fab Lab Association;
* e-Learning Africa in Benin - in the May 2012 issue.
* Fab Lab Songhai, Cotonou, Bénin - in the June 2012 issue.
* Mobikit - see picture, handy toolkit for mobile learning by CSIR, South Africa; Merryl Ford;
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