Update: Video recordings of Fabfuse

FABFUSE2012 is the first international grassroots Fab Lab conference

where: Amersfoort (NL)
when: 8 - 11 August 2012

Most Fab Labs around the world were founded or funded by big institutions. There is an increasing interest however in establishing community supported workshops for digital fabrication which are financially independent and approach the Fab Lab from a grassroots perspective. FABFUSE2012 intends to bring everyone together who has a grassroots Fab Lab, who wants to start one, who has to rethink the strategy of their existing Fab Lab and everyone else interested.

Grassroots is a subject that needs to be addressed in Europe now since sponsor-money for starting a full scale fab lab is becoming very very scarce. FabFuse intends to start a body of knowledge and practices for setting up and running the grassroots Fab Labs. FabFuse will also report the results of their meeting at FAB8.

The conference will be loosely organized in 3 topic streams:

  • Organization of a grassroots Fab Lab
  • Toolchain: technology, hardware and software, what software and hardware can we recommend to each other
  • Knowledge and knowledge sharing
Have a look at the (steadily expanding) lineup to get an impression of the conference, respond to our call for contributions to propose your own session, or sign up to the event.